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Literally Walked 1,000 Miles In Your Shoes...

From:  Jeff Martin

Lafayette, Louisiana
Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Welcome to Business Mulligan!  If this is your 
first time here, you're probably wondering,

"What is a Business Mulligan?"


"Why do I need one?"

Look, I've been exactly where you are.  Every day you face challenges that very few people understand.  You may even feel like you're all alone on and island because most of your family, friends and almost all of your employees have no idea what you're dealing with.

You're probably feeling more and more frustrated, overwhelmed and even confused because so many things around you are changing and it seems like nothing you try works anymore.  

Admit it, you don't have the time or the energy to grow your business.  Even if you did grow it, everything would fall on you.  You've been pulled so far IN your business that you no longer see how to GROW it.  


Yes, my friend, I've been exactly where you are.  The good news is - I know how to help you.  

You see, a Business Mulligan is a "Second Chance" for both YOU and your BUSINESS.  This world is changing so quickly that business owners are being pulled deeper and deeper IN their businesses.  We're losing the two things that most of us got into business for,


and I know how to help you regain Control and Freedom.  

Isn't that why you got into business?

What People Are Saying...

Fred Reggie,
Executive Development Coach

"When I started working with Jeff it was like being introduced to an entirely new world. Each time we have a coaching session we move closer toward our goals. My dreams are now realities and I am more excited about the future than I have been in years. This has been a much needed do-over!"

Roy Petitfils,
Counselor | Speaker | Author

"Jeff is the consummate coach. In the last year, Jeff has helped me to see things about my business and myself that I could not see and develop a workable strategy to grow my business and increase my reach in ways I'd never imagined."

Setareh Mirian - Delcambre,

"It's really incredible how Jeff has the ability to systematically approach an idea with vision of the end product, this is a unique talent. He consistently has offered options and solutions, all while remaining focused and motivating. His 'start to done' philosophy should be award winning! He is experienced and always professional; I proudly consider him to be a trusted advisor and vision facilitator for Select Home Tours!"

Scotty Baudoin, 
Engineer | Business Owner

"There are few people who can think out of the box like Jeff while at the same time focusing on the issue at hand. His concern and passion for success for all levels of business is inspiring. Jeff has a creative ability to optimize profits by utilizing the right software platforms for any business."
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Business Mulligan's List of Always
  • Trustworthy – We always do what we say we’ll do.
  • Straightforward – We always say it if we see it.
  • Respect – We always honor you and your journey.
  • Improve – We always learn and work hard to get better.
  • Believe – We always believe in people and their dreams.
  • Kindergarten Simple – We always simplify the complicated.

Who I am...

I’m a guy who sees the best in every one and in every situation. I’m extremely optimistic; and although we human beings tend to get ourselves into pretty crazy situations, I’m usually able to find a way to win. I credit my positive outlook and my never-say-die spirit to my father. I also love people. Now, don’t get me wrong I think we’re all a little weird, in our own way, but in our hearts we’re good – really good.

Thankfully, I realize that God has given each of us one shot at life, so we better make it count. I’m married to the most amazing woman I know; she makes me better every day. We have three wonderful children who make me want to be the best father I can be.

I have enjoyed some success and experienced some ridiculously hard challenges, but through it all I’ve learned some valuable lessons. And, my passion is to help business owners improve the relationships they have with their businesses through the lessons I’ve learned.

As you get to know me better or spend any amount of time with me you’ll likely hear me say, “It doesn’t make sense to own a business if it owns you”. Unfortunately, that was one of those lessons I’ve learned, experiences I had and challenges I overcame.

What I do...

I’m a Business Strategist and Marketing Mentor and I want to help as many people as I can avoid the mistakes I’ve made and learn from the success I’ve enjoyed.

With the exception of my four-year military tour, I have been self-employed 100% of my career. And, like all business owners, I have experienced good times and bad.

We’ve all heard the expression, “run your business, don’t let it run you”. Well, we also know that’s easier said that done. As entrepreneurs, we are a different breed. We’re misunderstood, even by the people who know and love us most. One similarity that we all share, however, is that we all got into business to have more control and freedom.

Too often, the day-to-day challenges and the results of wearing too many hats bring on chaos. And, chaos stifles productivity. We tend to be drawn further and further IN to our businesses and although we know what needs to be done, we often become overwhelmed and need help figuring out step one.

Well, I’ve developed a system that helps business owners regain their control and the freedom they need to work ON their businesses again. It’s made up of three phases:

Phase 1 – The Mulligan Method – This is a 7 Step System to “get your arms around your business” again.

Phase 2 – The Digital Do-over – This is about putting the right technology in the right parts of your business, at the right time.

Phase 3 – The Marketer Makeover – In the end, we need to become marketers. It’s awfully hard to work ON your business if you’re so deep IN it. As we work to get our arms around our businesses and employ the right technology we’re ready to drive our business and the best way to do that is to become a marketer.

My Journey...

My story really begins during the first Gulf War. Just a few years before the war I was your average college kid who skipped too many classes and found myself faced with a decision after receiving a letter explaining that I was no longer welcomed on campus. I joined the Navy and signed up the be a “Hospital Corpsman”. Little did I know I would be sent to Fleet Marine Force training and assigned to a Marine Corps artillery unit. And, a year or so later I would find myself in combat.

Well, there’s nothing like combat to motivate you to get your act together. I spent the next 16 years pushing as hard as I could to succeed. I completed my four-year tour, went back to LSU and graduated with a BS in Finance. After graduation, I bought a small business and grew it into three more locations. I invested in rental property. I met my wife; and we had our three kids. It seemed that I had it all under control.

After a few years, I sold my businesses and real estate and founded a national DNA testing company. We were early adopters to the market and quickly grew to 44 locations in 20 states, via franchising. The DNA testing industry was in its infancy and we enjoyed much success. However, technology was improving so rapidly that it was forcing dramatic changes in the marketplace. Competition was increasing and pricing was driving down profits. We were forced to change our business model at four times over the first 10 years and those changes were often painful.

Now, rather than bore you with all the gory details, I’ll just say that I lost control of my life to my business. It owned me and called all the shots. I felt trapped and had to find a way to regain my freedom.

That’s when I created the Mulligan Method. I documented the system in my #1 Bestselling book, Business Mulligan: How to give your business and your life a second chance in a changing world. 
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