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"I felt like I was just stagnant and just couldn't grow - that I had hit this ceiling"
As a counselor, Roy was overwhelmed by the number of counseling sessions he led each week.  He had a desire to speak more often, so he made the hard decision to niche his counseling practice down from parents and teenagers to only teenagers.  This allowed him to speak more often on teen related issues.

After a few months of working together we created a DVD, several online courses, a membership site and a highly regarded Podcast called Today's Teenager.

This focus on teenagers has further solidified Roy as an expert in the work he does with teenagers and has allowed him to increase his revenues in both speaking and counseling.
"As a small business owner, I have all these racing thoughts about projects and what they could be..."
Setareh is a busy mother of three beautiful children and second generation Realtor.   She is a true visionary entrepreneur.  We created a brand that she conceived as a specialized way to show and sell homes.

In only a few short weeks we moved from concept to commercialization.  Although she took some time off when her third child was born, she is excited to restart the concept she first envisioned and brought to reality.
"We're not here to maintain, we're here to thrive"
Travis is a plumbing contractor specializing in new construction.  His is a true family business as his wife, Bridget, runs the administrative side and he leads the team.  

After working with Bridget and Travis and their team, their plumbing business was voted the Best Plumbing Contractor in their area.  They have successfully expanded into small home repairs and added another truck and new team members.  They were once again nominated for Best Plumbing Contractor and it's a good bet they will win again.

"What started as trying to come up with a strategy to better market my company has actually bled into a lot of other aspects... of life."
Blake is a financial advisor and a true servant leader in his community.  As the father of five children Blake wanted to grow his business and find a way to be more flexible and spend more time helping his wife with the kids.

He successfully generated a lot of attention on social media platforms to increase public awareness of his business while serving others.
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