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No employees, just a great idea
  • I Have To Bootstrap It - NO DEBT 
  • I Want To Be Proud Of Our Branding
  • We Need A Great Marketing Strategy
  • I'm Considering Multiple Business Models
  • I Understand People Will Make Or Break Me
$100K TO $2M
Under 20 employees
  • Nothing Seems To Work, EXCEPT ME
  • We Have Workarounds For Workarounds
  • I Don't Have Time To Grow My Business 
  • The Digital Economy Is A Mystery To Me
  • The World Has Changed, Not Sure I Like It
$2M TO $50M
Between 10 and 250 employees
  • Lack Of Control - Time, Markets, Business
  • People - Don't Listen, Understand, Follow-Up
  • Profit - Inconsistent, Not Enough
  • Growth - Slow, Need To Go To Next Level
  • Quick Fixes - Come-and-go, Little Change
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