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Business Mulligan: How to Give Your Business and Your Life a Second Chance in a Changing World


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Do You Have Time To Grow Your Business?

If you feel like you don't have time to grow your business or if your business does grow you feel like you can't handle it because everything will fall on you - you need to get this book now.

Here's what you'll learn from Business Mulligan

  • See your business from a completely different point of view.  We're often so far IN our business that we can't see what our Next Step should be.
  • A simple set of tools​to help us break through the ceiling that is stalling our growth, causing frustration and creating complexity throughout our businesses.
  • The 7 systems that drive your business and give you the freedom you deserve.
  • Businesses are made up of Systems, Parts and Component Parts.​ We tend to look at our businesses as the sum of it's parts and we lose our focus the little things that actually drive it. 
  • To regain our control and freedom.  We all get into business for freedom and to "Be Your Own Boss" and we quickly learn that every customer is our boss.
  • Love your business again.​ There's a think line between loving and hating your business.  When it takes over your life and robs you of your time, control, health, family and freedom you don't own your business - it owns you!
  • Drive your business before it drives you crazy.  
  • A simple way to decide if you're making decisions based on fears of failure or strategies to thrive.
  • To focus on the right part of your business at the right time.  You're business needs you, but often we find ourselves focusing on things other people should be doing.  We should be driving the business not doing someone else's job.
  • The 4 Business Freedoms that we all deserve; Emotional Freedom, Financial Freedom, Geographical Freedom and the most important Time Freedom.  We need time to for ourselves, family, goals and to actually GROW our businesses.

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